Today, if you’re a new or renovating homeowner, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a new style of luxury dining room furniture to decorate your home interior.

With trending seasonal themes, the rise of neoclassical designs and a return to all that is natural and visually textured, finding your personal taste and executing a cohesive designer space in the dining room can be challenging even for the most creative of talents.

The best place to start off your luxury dining room decor experience is with the essentials. Let’s plan your first steps forward with this easy guide:

The Luxury Dining Room Space

Stop for a moment and transport yourself into your dining room space. Imagine yourself using your dining room and what you see yourself doing there?

Are you at the head of the table surrounded by friends and extended family at a seasonal banquet or legacy celebration? Perhaps you see yourself as the hostess of a soiree or business event which culminates in canapes and champagne being served to the mingling guests. Or are you a busy soccer Mom who needs to serve three meals a day to a never-ending rotation of hungry teenagers?

The purpose of your luxury dining room space will determine your focal point; your luxury dining room table, which is essentially your pièce de résistance.

Now luxury doesn’t have to necessarily mean formal. Luxury dining room furniture is about making a statement and your luxury table needs to be a visual representation of the type of statement you are making about your home.

While your luxury dining room furniture needs to offer a visual feast and ambient dining experience it also needs to transition between the rest of your home. Luxury can just as easily mean chic yet stylish, refined tradition or laid-back elegance.

DL Furniture Luxury Dining Room Furniture

Your Luxury Dining Room Table

For your luxury table think strong lines, hardwoods such as mahogany, which can all be extended for hosting larger gatherings.

Classic sophistication is assured with the Victorian or Regency style of carved luxury table. For pure opulence, you might spoil yourself with a mahogany table top that screams spectacular.

Depending on the dimensions of your dining room, will you choose a circular or rectangular table? A circular table with a central acorn style post and six extending legs will work better in compact rooms; while the sweep of a rectangular table with a leaf or jelly-mould carved legs offers a regal atmosphere with two ‘heads’ of the table defined by higher silhouetted chair backs. In smaller spaces, you can still recreate a romantic Renaissance feel with a circular table where all around you will meet a Louis-style armchair in a delicate brocade palette.

For longer rectangular luxury dining room tables, remember there will be intermittent legs which will dictate where chairs must be placed. How the chairs fit, both in comfort and function, as well as height matched to that of the table height, is critical.

Your chairs’ design naturally supports your luxury table’s design imperative, whether you’ve chosen clean and cool conformity or a retro modern mix of eclectic chair styles for artistic flair. Here, you can use either a timeless fabric with simple accents or add modern or fashionable accents through their upholstery.

Luxury Dining Room Furniture Style Statements

Once you have defined the key focus of your luxury dining room with your choice of luxury table, you can then define the accompanying upholstery, wallpapers, and smaller decor items.

Colour and mood: A backdrop of wallpaper offers sophisticated tones or jazz up a gloomy space with a pop of eye-catching colour. If the room has a low ceiling, wallpaper can create a corresponding harmonious effect. You may also the room as a simple canvas of timeless black and white and use your dining trimmings to add different moods.

Lighting: Lighting is key in bringing out mahogany’s glow or the reflective qualities of glass or marble tops. You will also need to consider a suspended light for the centre of a longer table, such as a chandelier, to prove adequate lighting along its length.

Decoration: Centrepieces and side tables add to decoration over different occasions, seasons and themes. Dress up the corners with dressers, sideboards, liquor cabinets or shelving for more traditional appliances. Or add moveable copper statues, artworks or fresh greenery along with other artisanal touches.

Need professional guidance? When in doubt, it pays to use the knowledge and experience of a decorating service, which can provide you with premium, luxury furniture and personal advice that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Design your perfect luxury home today with the Exclusive DL Furniture Platform.

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