Knowing the top luxury furniture trends from around the world will set your home up to be the one to visit this year.

You’re a busy woman, between leading your team at work and your team at home, you have to still make sure your home has earned its talkability stripes (because you need those bragging rights). Your friend just got a brand new lounge suite, but it doesn’t really seem to make sense in the room she has put it in? Knowing the luxury furniture trends from around the world can really help you get the luxury home furniture feel.

Now, what will really set your home apart from the girls, is adding some trendy luxury furniture. Did you know that furniture is actually an asset to your home? Not only will your home ooze trend, but you’ll also be investing in something that will increase in value over time. We know you like investments.  

You’re looking for glamour and extravagance, and where best to find that than by looking globally.

6 luxury furniture trends from around the world

The artisan look

Luxury home furniture that shows personality and richness with detail, such as gold and silver leaf, is making its way into the homes of even the most discerning. Other ways to achieve the artisan look could be to mix and match even the most controversial materials. DL furniture showcases year on year a new level of class and style.

The modern retro look

Classics are very in this year and show no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. Although sleek and timeless, the style can quickly take over a room (or make it appear dated). The look calls for simple forms and emphases the function of the luxury furniture. Mid-century luxury furniture functions very well because of its simplicity and fine craftsmanship.

Velvet luxury furniture

This is a texture that will never go out of style and exudes luxury. Just sitting on a piece of furniture that has a luxury finish, makes you feel like you have stepped into a land of luxury. This trend has taken a modern turn when matched with bright colours, such as watermelon, rust and wine. It really enhances and defines a room. Often the texture is found in statement couches and chairs, as well as drapery and accent pillows. Velvet adds a warm texture to any setting. This fabric is on trend for many interior decorators this year.

Design Your Perfect Luxury Home


Bright colours

Now if you are looking to really make a statement, one way is to have a piece of furniture in a bold colour and texture. Creating a focal point in a room is interior design 101. Like you, this focal point should be glamorous and unique. Classic pieces of furniture that have been refurbished, really reinvent the room and create a luxury furniture feel.

Floral patterns

To speak about florals as a single category would be silly. Just like flowers, each pattern has its own personality, and is really determined by style, size, and colour of the print. Floral prints can seem intimidating at first, and some may even feel old fashioned, but it’s really how you use the pattern and what kind of pattern you choose. Florals are not difficult to work with and really do add life and joy to a space.

Top pointers in using florals in luxury furniture are:

  • The scale affects mood. A large print on something small looks modern and trendy, while a pillow with a mini version of the same pattern would have a sweet, vintage feel.
  • Avoid old-fashioned finishes such as a skirted bottom on an upholstered piece.
  • Take advantage of common colours to help mix and match floral prints in any room (and not make it feel out of place). The common palette will make various florals work. You can also mix florals using a common background colour.
  • Choose one large pattern and two small, thumbnail-size patterns that all share a white or off-white background, for a cohesive effect.
  • If you’re not looking for a feminine feel, use vivid primary colours which make for a  modern-art vibe, which can be more male-friendly.

Lastly, add textures!

Adding texture adds character. This really lies in the detail, such as trim or pleating. Textures offer a level of detail and character to a piece of luxury furniture. It can take something as simple as a chair from drab to fab.

The furniture you own should be a culmination of all the different people you have been at different points in your life. You have single-handedly built your career, so let your furniture show your journey. Don’t get rid of that old furniture, let it be part of your home. But upgrade and uplift that look with modern luxury furniture.

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Design Your Perfect Luxury Home

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