Wallpaper is a timeless luxury decor item which adds a distinctive look and feel to an upmarket home.

Depending on your choice of design or textured surface, as a home-owner, you can at any moment change up or create a completely new mood for a room or home in several interesting ways. Let’s take a quick tour of how to create a new look that you love and transform a dull, drab and boring home interior to one that delivers excitement and luxurious elegance the moment you step through the door.

Wallpaper can be applied and functions well in every room in the home, including the kitchen, guest bathroom, playroom and stairwell and even an enclosed porch. The next time you notice your interior walls are in need of a new paint job, instead consider wallpapering your entire interior or using a signature wallpaper to create a focal point or accent statement on a single wall. At the same time, you will be adding timeless value to your home.

Creative Guiding Principles for Wallpaper

Perhaps the best part about using wallpaper in your home is that it allows you total freedom to create a new environment from your imagination or to use the creative guiding principles of an interior designer with an eye for form, space and room structure.

Wallpaper is also the perfect option for our busy lifestyles because it is instant. One day you’re staring at an awful glossy hospital-green guest bathroom wall and the next day you will have transported yourself into a Baroque Italian bathroom of cool marble, gold foiled cherubs and soothing cream and gold-flecked backdrops.

With today’s contemporary wallpaper ranges, textures and techniques, home-owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing themes, colours, styles and designs for a new interior look; imagine it and it will be available in the colour you love.

Whatever your choice, wallpaper is a bespoke offering which can be personalized for an exclusive feel. Transform or upgrade for a classic contemporary feel in a bachelor’s double-storey luxury living Sandton apartment rendered in classic cream wallpapers with a hint of silver accents. Re-imagine a design professional’s home study rendered in a bold visual statement reminiscent of artist Miro’s Surrealist fantasies. Discover how to add depth of field and tranquillity with an autumn forest scene at a writer’s retreat. Or just let it all out in a happy display of Lego colours for a comic book feel in a child’s playroom. Whatever your style, wallpaper has the choice for you. 

Design Your Perfect Luxury Home


Types of Luxury Wallpapers

Wallpapers come in a wide variety of themes, from a flat colour used to add a sense of space, luxury and expansiveness. Wallpaper can also mask the weaker features in your home. Suddenly that dead space under the stairs becomes an art feature using the rich and exotic colours of birds-of-paradise wallpaper as the background to a bespoke collection of antique figurines or a well-placed lamp which throws the lights upwards towards the ceiling.

While wallpaper is traditionally made of paper, it also comes in any manner of other textures including cork, leather, and metallic finishes and is likely to last up to five times longer than that of an ordinary paint job. Once you have enjoyed the luxury of wallpaper in your home, there is little doubt you will ever return to paint!

Inspiring Wallpaper Styles for Impact and Mood

You don’t have to use wallpaper on just walls either. Wallpaper can be applied to the instep of the stair turning a dingy staircase into jelly bean bright activity. You can even use it to brighten up bookshelves, a chest of drawers or a room divider.

If your home doesn’t feature any strong architectural points or your existing furniture is plain and just a little boring, then use wallpaper to add character, frame the room or make the feature window of your luxury living room pop out visually.

Whatever type of wallpaper you choose, from classic to contemporary class, it will automatically deliver a sense of warmth, style and most importantly deliver a look into your unique personality and tastes.

Try combining two different styles of wallpaper for contrast and colour. You can easily add elegant stripes or diametric prints for an optical illusion of added space or infinity.

Wallpaper can assist in enclosing a room that is too long or disjointed and can make low ceilings appear more appropriate to the style of the decor.

Create detail around a fireplace or making a focal point within a living room if you don’t have a fireplace.

Use wallpaper to create a mural, add faux finishes, recreate a historic tradition or family heritage or use a digital or photographic design that delivers the viewer right back into the current century.

For an upmarket home that features luxury furniture, use a silk wallpaper that matches with the bespoke curtain designs. Today’s range of wallpapers offers scented wallpaper, wallpaper that works as a natural deodorizer, or a glow in the dark wallpaper for added luminosity at night.

Wallpapers to add a Finishing Touch and Elegant Feel

Wallpaper is all about delivering ambience to a room. For a luxury living room, you might want to go for a more formal accent, while the second lounge might require a more casual look; or choose a different wallpaper for a unique look for each room in the house.

While not quite as simple as the art of paper, wallpaper design and fitting require the advice of an interior design professional to assist you in choosing from the widest possible range of bespoke wallpapers available and their specific applications. Roy Griffiths is DL Furnitures in-house decorator who offers 18 years’ experience in high-quality luxury living room wallpaper design application.

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Design Your Perfect Luxury Home

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