When looking out for design concepts that breathe pure luxury and authentic opulence for your luxury bedroom design, we must take the lead from 28-year-old King Louis XIV and his design and commission of Versailles, Europe’s most beautiful palace and lavish residence of the French nobility.

Decorated in Baroque influences of the era, Versailles stands as a proud tribute to classical fashion, iconic style and personal prosperity which has stood the test of time.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and the 2019 forecasts in decor trends continues to follow many of the Baroque and Rococo influences from the time, inspiring updated design execution for modern luxury bedrooms and homes today.

A sophisticated example of this is the 2019 colour trends of Night Watch Green for wall paints and coverings, which follows on from similar hues of Hunter and Bottle Green and which promise a sublime blend with the opulence and elegance of the ornate golds, bronzes and silver finishes so loved by King and country then and now.

Let us follow in the hand-made shoes and royal footsteps of an era which celebrated lavish wealth, luxury bedrooms and beauty for its own simple cause.

Luxury Bedroom Spaces

What does luxury look like? It’s all high ceilings, elaborate motifs, ornate moldings and cornices, tall windows, paneled wood, intricate patterned and gold flecked wallpaper, expansive oil paintings, decorative pillars and oversized fireplaces. And if you are looking for extra luxury, it would include an alcove or additional seated space around the fire as a small resting area.

Simply put, luxury is not just a bedroom, it is a large boudoir that welcomes and encompasses not just beds but love seats, ottoman, chaise lounges by the fire, box seats and padded or curved benches at the foot of the bed, drapings and romantic room dividers.

Essential in all this bedroom luxury however, is that the floor must be kept clear from clutter. This is to better see and admire the elegant curved of an antique table leg or carved wooden craftsmanship in a standing light fixture.

The impact of window draping remains as important as the light sources. Double curtain displays must feature sunscreens, so the room can be totally blacked out for privacy and to protect the soft furnishings from damage from the sun. When the weather is mild, ceiling high drapes can then be pulled back to let in golden sunshine which makes surfaces sparkle.


Design Your Perfect Luxury Home


Luxury Bedroom Furniture

Antique furniture is your first step towards a luxury bedroom and if you have none of your own that has been passed down through your family, it is simple enough to recreate your own custom, handcrafted pieces. You might include your own mark of heritage or personality in your bespoke bedroom furniture piece, such as a story of your family lineage. A wonderful rendition of this is a high, King-sized bed with a bedhead emblazoned with a crest. If you have a crest of arms, it is the ultimate luxury to have it hand carved into the headboard, together with scroll work and gold or silver gilding.

Luxury furniture sees the prominent feature of hardwoods, weighty with age and dignity, from hand carved four poster beds inset with rich silk brocade upholstery or gold leaf trims. The four poster Louis canopy bed with its barley twist posts is the ultimate in trending luxury. If your luxury bedroom is not big enough for it to fit, look to the tandem Rococo era of Safari and Sleigh beds rendered in graceful silver curves with a modern retro look that ensures you keep nobility in the family.

A luxury bedroom requires a focal point whether it is a four-poster bed, antique wall tapestry, a featured dresser or writing bureau or even better a smaller lounging couch area around the fireplace. Here the elegant 4-seater banquette offers a 360-degree view or a Chesterfield couch and selection of free-standing wingback chairs. kidney couches or single occasional chairs are set around the hearth. Mirrored bean-shaped ottoman, straight benches, or curved and upholstered ornate benches can be placed at the end of the bed or beneath a window.

Both the Baroque (late 17th century) and Rococo (early 18th century) used plenty of embellishment, rendered in sumptuous fabrics so interiors were as opulent and luxurious or as feminine and whimsical as the luxury bedroom owner required. This delivered soft, curved lines in brocades, satins, and which added to the sensual feel.

Luxury Bedroom Pedestals

With luxury, there is no clutter. Three drawer pedestals for storage are essential to keep dust collectors out of sight while smaller pedestals accompany either side of the bed in your choice of gold, silver or deep mahogany. Following the curved lines, the oval pedestal has done away the hard edges and pointed corners of traditional styles while the eight-drawer Serpentine dresser is an magnificent addition to any luxury bedroom.

Luxury Bedroom Dressers and Mirrors

A dresser and freestanding mirror provide a relaxed space for a lady to arrange her hair and make-up and place her jewellery away in safety. The mirror needs to be adjustable, so it can tilt to the light and angle and must be of the right height. For the gentlemen, a coat stand ensures his jacket’s never look rumpled.

Luxury Bedroom Soft Furnishings

You will know you have entered a luxury bedroom by the quality of the upholstery and the fabric used, from the seam work, the button cushioning and even a modern luxury look with a contrast rendered in the fabric piping. This quality needs to be carried through to the wallpapers, curtains and box rails, throws and other soft furnishings and scatter cushions must always look soft, downy and rather plump.

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Design Your Perfect Luxury Home

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