Give every room a focal point

A secret to giving your home a luxurious feel is to make sure that each room has a clearly defined focal point. While it sounds fancy, and maybe even tricky, a focal point is just a single spot where the lines of the room converge and where your eye is immediately drawn to when  entering. Here’s an idea. Is there a big window that lets in tons of natural light? Consider adding a lounger or chair to amplify the windows beauty.

And what if you can’t find a single detail to point out, don’t worry. You can just as easily create one. Splurge on a statement table in your dining room. Use two lamps to frame the cosy seating area in your living room.

Choose Warm Colours

Luxury goes hand in hand with warm colours. This is the defining characteristics of any luxurious space, and it makes it feel homely and inviting. You want your family and friends to wish they could spend all of their free time in the beauty of a room. A welcoming atmosphere is very much influenced by choosing the right colour scheme.

To get all fancy and clever, the science behind colour psychology has been studied for decades. Warm colours like red, orange, and yellow are perceived as cosy and intimate. Cooler colours like grey and green have been associated with calmness and are used to make a room feel more spacious.

Draw your guests into the space by opting for deep, warm tones. Tan shades serve as a great neutral base on which to build brighter, more vibrant colours. But, if cooler colours are more your style; deep, jewelled tones to still give a subtle nod to luxury

Design Your Perfect Luxury Home

Plush luxury home furniture

Close your eyes and picture yourself living in the lap of luxury. Do you see yourself reclining back into piles of pillows or struggling to find a comfortable spot on a chair? Luxury home furniture that is plush makes for a luxurious feel (and a few jealous friends too). Whenever possible, make sure that your seating is cushioned and poofy. Look for for richer, high-quality fabrics like velvet to really give that luxurious feel. Textured fabric will also bring an extra layer of depth into the space.

Of course, it’s impossible to discuss plush seating without also discussing throw pillows. If you are looking for modern luxury, go for odd number of pillows and arrange them asymmetrically. If your feel is more traditional, go for an even amount and display them as bookends on your furniture.

Add Antique Charm with luxury home furniture

There’s something about incorporating an antique signature element into your home that adds a feeling of grandeur to a room. How’s that for a fancy word! By choosing one or two these signature pieces to tie a room together you can add a layer of interest to a space without it clashing with your more modern aesthetic. So how do you add antique without feeling old fashioned? Mirrors are a great option since they will add weight and depth to any space. You could also anchor the room with a luxury armchair.

Looking for that signature piece is not an exact science. It may take a bit of time to find the perfect piece to fit your space. But trust us, it is worth the search and wait. Why not turn the search into an enjoyable experience. Why not spend your free afternoons at our showroom, where you can get great ideas on how to decorate your rooms.

Design your perfect luxury home today with the Exclusive DL Furniture Platform.

Design Your Perfect Luxury Home

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