When you find yourself in the glamorous world of luxury living, choosing an exclusive sofa design can be as important as choosing a new model of car or goldsmith for your wedding rings. This is because premium luxury design styles over the centuries have been those that offer both the viewer and the object, a timeless and aesthetic value, delivered with classic flair.

Lavish luxury living room furniture is no except to this rule. We have all heard of the Chesterfield, a British pure-class design classic with a long heritage in the sophisticated Gentleman’s Clubs of London. What about the iconic love seat that first appeared in the 1700s to accommodate the wider dresses being worn by the ladies in high fashion and of course who can forget the opulence of the chaise lounge which originates back to the Kings of ancient Egypt and represents the first blend of a chair and a daybed for relaxing and reclining during multi-coursed royal banquets.

Luxury living room furniture in the modern context of today is all about anchoring the personality of a room with exclusive pieces rendered through the delivery of shape, colour, fabrics and raw materials to combine into a fusion of contemporary comfort and inspiring design styles that reflect and showcase the very best vogue statements from epochs past.

When shopping for a luxury sofa for your home, it is those timeless design classics which you must return to if you are wanting a signature of luxury within your home, rendered in today’s latest fabrics and workmanship from pristine button backs, embossed leather, plush damask, carved mahogany textures, gold leaf highlights and a variety of sophisticated arched backs, rolled arms and exposed legs.

Sit back and relax, while we bring you a selection of five luxury sofa designs currently trending on the contemporary interior design circuit which will ensure your living room speaks of elegance and affluence.

1. Luxury Sofa Sizes and Styles

Here to inspire you, the diamond-buttoned 4-seater Banquette sofa rendered in gold leaf detail and moss green velvet fabric demonstrates that you don’t always have to choose a linear style of luxury sofa.

While the luxury sofa only first appeared in the late 1600s – until then seating had been limited and only benches, trunks and beds had provided room for more than one person to sit – the sofa has sustained us for centuries of comfort.

Today, even the simplest luxury living room furniture includes a sofa and a side table. Choosing the perfect fit for your own luxury living room will depend on the dimensions of the room and the type of seating you wish to showcase. This is where an interior designer can step in and assist you with the type of home style you’re wishing to create, as well as the correct dimensions within a room. For example, will your luxury sofa be placed in a large, formal lounge or a family entertainment area; perhaps you would like a luxury sofa in your large kitchen and open-plan dining area, so guests can relax and chat while you prepare a meal?

2. Luxury Sofa Colour and Fabric Trends

While design imperatives begin with the shape of your luxury sofa, it is the fabrics, textures and colours which will fill in the personality that is specific to your own home.

Today, a professional interior designer can create a delightful blend of iconic style rendered in tandem with present-day textiles which bring your luxury sofa smartly into the 21st century. Think Versailles opulence with a Sandton edge.

Once you know the room placement and purpose of your luxury sofa, you can start to choose its outline. Will it be a roomy couch or chaise lounge for one, a love seat placed by the telephone for long conversations with distant family or will it be the showpiece highlight that stands out above your other luxury living room furniture? Then, it’s time to leave it to the professionals or fill in the softer design touches with your choice of leather, velvets, damask or silks in a hue of trending and fashionable colours.

3. Seated Lifestyles for Everyday Luxury Sofa Comfort

The word sofa derives from ‘suffah’, an Arabic word which denotes a bench overlaid with blankets and cushions. Luxury living room furniture has evolved rather more gracefully since that time.

The traditional Chesterfield design features a back the same height as the arms. Other luxury sofa designs such as the Cabriole sofa representative of the 18th Century, features arms lower than the back for support and comfort which enabled the ladies of the period to take on a ‘sofa attitude’ allowing them to drape themselves elegantly in a relaxed but sophisticated manner.

When choosing a luxury sofa, comfort in your ‘seat’ should be your priority, followed by other design elements to consider such as a straight or arched back which rises to a higher point in the middle. Then consider if the legs should be exposed or covered and if the arms will be rolled or squared.

Design Your Perfect Luxury Home


4.Luxury Sofa Materials and Positioning Principles

Sophistication and nobility can be recognised in a person’s home both by the size of your luxury living room and by the design touches and style of the furniture.

In larger luxury living rooms, the layout is composed of a number of sofas, two-seaters, chaise lounges, ottomans and elegantly curved and decorative benches.

This Safari chaise rendered in carved and embossed mahogany and silvery damask fabric upholstery creates a statement all of its own – so much so that one almost expects Cleopatra herself to waft in and sit down.

Create your own luxury sofa combination or get tips about internationally trending fabrics, styles and designs from a personalized interior designer who can deliver your products with fast turn-around times.

5. Personal Inspiration for your Luxury Living Room

Now that elegance has found a frame in your luxury living room, it’s your turn to add your own personal signature by making your choice of luxury sofas you wish to see adorn your living spaces.

With the DL luxury furniture range, you are provided with a premium furniture brand offering trending styles in classic renditions and priced to suit your taste. Alternatively, DL Furniture provides a bespoke offering of custom-made luxury couch designs, together with a curtain and wallpaper range and full decorating service.

Need expert advice? In-house interiors expert Roy Griffiths offers 18 years’ experience in interior design integrity, luxury living room layouts and spatial designs to suit the size of your home and delivered with pure class exclusive to the DL Furniture range.

Design your perfect luxury home today with the Exclusive DL Furniture Platform.

Design Your Perfect Luxury Home

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